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About us

In Tea Arquitectos we develop a practice that is based on professionalism, adapting to multiple contexts: geographical, cultural, economic and social; offering our clients feasible and pertinent projects.

Based on a work structure that involves the client in all the phases of the project development, we guarantee that the results are a faithful reflection of their aspirations and needs. Through 3d computer simulation tools, the client can verify, in the process of design and development of the project, how their ideas are taking architectural form.

Thanks to a transparent and proven work methodology, we have been able to develop projects built in multiple cities in America and Europe, such as São Paulo, Turin, New York, Barcelona and Caracas.  More than 1500 square meters built since 2017. 

Our Team

Mariana Guevara Rios 
Principal Architect | Co-founder
Roberto Castro Wadsworth
Principal Architect | Co-founder
Humberto Contreras Leon
Architect collaborator
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